Mission Statement

State Street Academy will encourage students to do their personal best by offering instruction in a safe and caring environment.

Vision Statement

State Street Academy will offer a choice of a high quality and high achieving preschool thru 9th grade to the community of State Street Academy and surrounding area.

Vision Plan

By using research-tested curricula, State Street Academy will provide a tuition-free quality education for students and families of the Bay City area. State Street Academy Academy is committed to providing eight Pillars ensuring success to all students attending the Academy:

  • Student Achievement Ten Percent Above Expected Grade Levels
  • Professional Development of All Staff Member
  • Integrated Technology for All Students
  • Extended Learning Time for All Students
  • Required Parent Involvement
  • Secure Environment for all Learning
  • Community Support


State Street Academy’s educational goal is to prepare students to be creative, intuitive, and analytical thinkers with a solid understanding of the history of ideas. Our curriculum will prepare students to solve problems both individually and collaboratively, using critical thinking skills and cultivated through comparative, interdisciplinary study. Extensive access to computer technology as an authentic learning tool will enable State Street Academy Public School Academy students to address unprecedented career challenges and global opportunities facing them in the 21st century.

State Street Academy’s objectives include higher standardized test scores, steady improvement in the quality of performance-based assessments, improved student attendance, superior teacher training, as well as enhanced motivation, satisfaction and morale on the part of students, teachers, parents, and community members.

Our school day and academic calendar are longer resulting in additional instructional time over the K-6 sequence. Increased learning time allows for greater mastery of curriculum content and for increased exposure to engaging enrichment programs that develop the whole student. Students who are having difficulty keeping up with their classmates will be provided systematic, targeted remediation during the school day as well as after school to accelerate their learning. Multiple assessments also encourage students to learn in ways consistent with their individual learning styles, which increase learning opportunities.

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