The Academy’s Administration

Day to day operations of the Academy are conducted by the Superintendent who reports to the school’s Board of Directors. There are 8 classroom teachers, one special education teacher, three paraprofessionals, a food service director, two special teachers PE and Science, two Title I Intervention teachers, two Pre-K assistants, Pre-K director, Head Custodian, two custodians, Administrative Assistant, Academic Coach.

Management Company

Midwest Management specializes in providing educational institutions with a variety of educational services and products including business management, curriculum, educational programs, teacher training and technology. Midwest Management provides State Street Academy Public School Academy with all labor, material and supervision necessary for the provision of educational services to students of the Academy, and provides for the personnel, management, operation and maintenance of the Academy.

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Bay Mills Community College - Charter Schools Office

Bay Mills Community College Charter Schools Office supports a quality education to urban or rural, minority and/or poor children. We use innovative oversight methods to ensure students attending our academies are prepared to be career and college ready.

Our top priority is providing our academy boards with pertinent training so that they are able to make choices that are in the best interest of the students that attend their academies. See more at:

View our Charter Contract here: Charter Contract
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Copy of Certificate of Occupancy: Occupancy Certificate

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